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This page highlights the innumerable ways that individuals and groups have risen to the meet challenge of the covid-19 pandemic.

Email us, using the contact box below with your personal story of gratitude and/or personal sacrifice and why it’s meaningful to you, and we’ll post it on this page. Include a photo (pdf or png) if you wish.

We’re all in this together. By sharing stories of resilience, courage, generosity, and sacrifice, we can unite to strengthen our community bonds in these unprecedented times.

It Is Not the End, By Simon Lubkowski

Listen to the song It’s not the end my friend Everything happens for a reason Let’s no pretend it’s not been hard Feeling oh so close, while being far apart Is this the life that I thought I’d lead All is silent on the empty streets But a message rings out so true I...

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No Mask, No Entry, No Respect

Essential workers getting dumped on by irate customers. Let's try a little kindness people.  

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